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Make use of the subsidy of Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt
via the support program. 


Operating further education programs, strengthening competitiveness, securing skilled personell for economic success. Saxony-Anhalt FURTHER EDUCATION FOR COMPANIES supports further education for occupations, self-employed persons, freelancers, and entrepreneurs and supports counseling and accompanying services to develop and implement a future-proof and employee-oriented personnel policy.

Who is supported?

  • Companies, self-employed persons and institutions in Saxony-Anhalt

What is supported?

Occupational further education

  • Further education programs, which serve the development and preservation of operationally relevant, technical-methodic, social and personal skills and / or support motivation and efficiency
  • Particularly eligible are further education programs in order to improve qualifications of low qualified persons, to preserve employability of elderly employees as well as people with disabilities
  • Implementation of ecological-economic further education offers

Personnel and organizational development

  • Consulting and accompanying services to develop and implement a future-proof and employee-oriented personnel policy

In which way is supported?

Occupational training

  • Grant up to 60% for companies with up to 249 employees
  • Grant up to 40% for companies with 250 or more employees

The grant increases by 10% for companies with up to 10 employees and for companies bound to a collective agreement as defined by the Collective Agreement Act. The grant increases by 20% for:

  • elderly employees after attaining the age of 55
  • low-skilled workers
  • part-time employees (max. 30 hours per week)
  • marginal workers without further occupation or self-employment
  • people with approved degree of disability
  • People with a migration background as defined by § 6 of the migrational background collection regulation (MighEV)
  • Single parents and job returnees after a family-related career break (for example parental leave, care of relatives)

The total grant considering the premium must not exceed 80 % of the eligible total expenditure.

Personnel and organizational development

  •  Grant up to 80% for companies with 10 to 49 employees
  •  Grant up to 60% for companies with 50 to 249 employees 

What remains to be considered?

  • For the section personnel and organizational development please use the process consultants of the consultants database of the federal program Enterprise value:human under http://www.unternehmens-wert-mensch.de/ and later additionally the state process consultants pool of the program Saxony-Anhalt FURTHER EDUCATION FOR COMPANIES. Note for process consultants from Saxony-Anhalt, who are not authorized for the consultant pool of the federal program "Enterprise value:human": To build an additional state process consultants pool for the program Saxony-Anhalt FURTHER EDUCATION FOR COMPANIES there will be an authorization procedure for consultants. The admission requirements meet the criteria for the authorization as a process consultant for the counseling program “Enterprise value:human” of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The applications for the authorization as a process consultant in the ESF program Saxony-Anhalt FURTHER EDUCATION FOR COMPANIES can be submitted from 02/01/2016 until 03/13/2016 at the educational institute of Economy Saxony-Anhalt e.V. as a supporting organization of the Enterprise value:human information center Saxony-Anhalt North.
  • Applications for the support program require a specific form and must be addressed to Förderservice GmbH Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt, Leipziger Str. 49, 39112 Magdeburg

Contact Person

Any questions? Our experts provide advice at the free hotline 0800 56 007 57

Please follow the link for more information:




Subsidy for the individual occupational further education and the acquisition of additional qualifications for apprentices and students of vocational schools Increase knowledge, enlarge abilities, develop skills. This program for individual professional qualification and trainings related to school or apprenticeship helps to fulfill occupational dreams. 

Who is supported?
Further education

  • Employees with an average monthly gross salary under 4,575 euros
  • Unemployed persons without entitlement to benefits according to SGB II or SGB III
  • Additional qualifications
  • Apprentices of full age in in-firm apprenticeships
  • Pupils of full age in professional training courses at vocational schools


What is supported?
Further education

Participation in programs for individual occupational training (seminars, courses, coaching, further education training courses)

only programs with total costs of 1,000 euros

Additional qualifications

Participation in training courses related to school or apprenticeship, in particular with the following focus

  • job-specific and cross-occupational specialization
  • IT skills
  • business skills
  • foreign languages
  • social-communicative and intercultural skills

only programs with total costs of 500 euros


In which way is supported?
Further education

  • Grant up to 90% with monthly gross salary of less than 1,500 euros
  • up to 80% for people from one of the following groups: monthly gross salary below 2,500 euros, persons aged 45 and over, marginal employees or part-time workers less than 30 hours, contract workers, job returnees, single parents or unemployed persons not receiving benefits, people with approved degree of disability
  • up to 60% for all other beneficiaries

Additional qualifications

  • Grant up to 90% of the overall costs


What remains to be considered?

  • The grants must be applied for in writing and in specific form at least six calendar weeks prior to the planned start of the project (Application for further education).

Please follow the link for more information: http://www.ib-sachsen-anhalt.de/privatkunden/weiterbilden/sachsen-anhalt-weiterbildung-direkt.html

For questions concerning the support program and the determination of your individual needs, please contact us.


Educational leave

nach dem Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz BiFSG 

Make use of our recognition of the training event "Business English" as a training event according to the educational exemption law! You can be exempted for education from work up to 5 days per year (or you can combine two years in one training event of 10 days).

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